Coingeneration - Earn 1-100 $ per Day

CoinGeneration Is Back

Yes, they're back! Paying!Payza!

For the new rule, 
1- you can withdraw the amout equal to your number of threads.
2- VPS is forbidden
3- 5% of the time you might not receive a thread. If that is the case, you should create a ticket to the trial department asking for a thread.

My payment proof (10/24/2013)

After signing up, you install a program that runs in the background of your computer. You earn $1/day per thread and have the option of buying more threads or referring people to increase income. This is literally the easiest money you will ever make. Daily Payouts!

or Skype : akilan1235 or Gtalk : akardr23
Instant payout.If you dont have account in 
  Payza : Register HERE

Paxum : Register HERE

Add your mobile no in profile.
You will receive a code  ...........
Send to +447937946882 or +19494840033


All of us really want to earn money without doing nothing am  i right? Im quite sure i've helped a lot of guys sending me emails about their success and i was happy someone earn. Let me introduce coin generation, in my own perspective, this is a gift, a gift for everyone which you can use this tool and let you earn money $1 without investing anything, just letting your computer ON and see your balance increase $0.0001 per 5 seconds yes you read it right! Is it amazing? I know it is.

Check out the video they release right here,it will discuss to you the basic concept of the said tool

I i just started running my downloaded thread and here it is the showing how fast it is, and the earning is really growing faster!

Now lets go to the tutorial on how you should be able to get your tool and start earning! But let me tell you what are the payment options
  • Payza
  • Perfect Money
  • Paxum
  • Directly to your bank account
You can't see paypal but they are working to get paypal on their list. Now lets start,


1.Register a new account, HERE
2.Fill up the registration form, confirm your registration that they sent on your email.
3.When you completed the 2 steps above log in your account now here comes the most important thing, YOU MUST VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT BY USING YOUR CELLULAR PHONE, THEY WILL SUBMIT A CONFIRMATION CODE ON THE NUMBER YOU USE, AND PROBABLY YOU WILL SPENT SOME CENT FOR THE TRANSACTION, click here to activate your accoun
4. When everything is done and you are verified you can download the software intended just for your account  click HEREto download
5. You are done! Just let the tool running and see the money you are earning it will rise for sure if you just follow the tutorial i provided.

How does it work?

how does it work

How Much Can I make?

It depends on how many threads you buy! Here, look at this table:
how does it work

How do I get started?

Just click the button below to register.

Register Here to Get Started!

You will have to activate your thread by sms in your profile. Then just let the program run and you'll be making money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question : How do I activate my trial thread?
Answer : There is no such thing as "thread activation" If you have not received your thread upon signup DO NOT ask to provide it - you receive your thread immediately after confirming your phone in your profile section.
: I can't verify my phone, what's the problem?
: If you are unable to send SMS back to us we suggest to use another phone or check the problem with your carrier.
: I don't see any phone verification option in my account, what should I do?
: In this case the only way for you to verify your account is by purchasing a thread for either full price or remaning amount required for purchase.
: I've made a mistake when entering my phone number, how can I change it?
: We don't allow members to update this information in their profile due to security reaons, submit ticket to our tech. dept and they'll update your account
: I don't see Payza withdrawal option for my account even though my Payza account information is updated in my DG members profile, why?
: Payza withdrawals are available to all members, minimum cashout amount via Payza is $1. If you have less than this amount in your available balance that's the reason you can't request payout yet.
: My phone number doesn't match my country ID, what should I do?
: Send us your Utility Bill showing the actual phone number associated with your address and we'll verify the account manually
: What's "Error sending report" problem is about?
: This is not a critical problem and should be ignored. Whenever we request info that doesn't exist on server anymore you are likely to see this message. It doesn't affect your earnings in any way.
: Where should I send the SMS code back?
: You should send it back to the number you received it from: +447937946882
: Can I withdraw via PayPal?
: PayPal will be supported for withdrawals only after June 15th.
: I have installed the software but nothing happens, what should I do?
: Check your internet connection/firewall/proxy.
: Why can't i get my money as available instead of current?
: To have your money appearing as available so you can receive your payments make sure you follow the following requirements:
  • Your phone is verified!
  • Your profile is fully fulfilled with all your details! and at least one of the following accounts created:
  1. Make sure you have in the PAYZA field the email that you used to register at!
  2. Make sure you have the account in PerfectMoney field starting with: U123456 . Can be obtained by logging in to your account!
  3. Make sure you use the email that you used to register at!
  • And after you complete all this steps a payment link will be available under the payments tab.
Note: Keep in mind that money earned prior to your account verification stays on current balance.
: I am getting error "Floating Point Overflow" what should i do?
: Please update your program to the latest version:!
: When i try to open my ThreadManager all i get is an error of process creation.. what is this?
: Redownload and reinstall! If it persists make sure you have the following components:
  • Latest service pack for your Windows!
  • Net Framework 4.5!
  • Your windows is up to date!
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2007 Redistributable Package
: I am getting an error saying "Invalid Token" what do i do to fix it?
: Request a new token in Profile, copy it to the program and click Save Token!
: My program shows earnings but in the website nothing, why?
: The website only refreshes by midnight server time (GMT +5)! You will see your earnings in the website by then only!
: Can i use multiple computers under the same IP? With the same account? Or with different accounts?
: Multiple computers under the same LAN/IP can only run different accounts.. with PAID threads and CANNOT be referals of each other! Run one account per computer ONLY!
: What versions of Windows are supported?
: Currently only Windows XP/7/8.